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Well Hung Blond Tart Tyler Jerks His Meatstick While Taking Rectal

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Young blond twink Tyler Reed is a gorgeous twink - and a professional prostitute! In his never-ending sex adventure, older guy Thomas Bjorn picks him up and takes him back to his hotel. At first he films Tyler playing with himself, and Thomas can't believe how large Tyler's weiner is! Tyler, although he's got a great body, is quite a mini man but he's packing some serious meat! Then Thomas goes down on young Tyler, working that giant, erect pecker and also licking the young guy's rump. The fellas exchange positions on the bed, with Thomas lying on his back as sexy Tyler rides him frontways and back, jerking himself at the same time.

Young Twink Ty Wilcox Shudders As The Dick Fills Up His Rump

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Attractive young twink Ty Wilcox is picked up straight off the street and taken home by older guy Thomas Bjorn. Ty is quite shy, sitting there with his arms folded defensively across his chest - but he doesn't mind getting naked on camera! He is also a submissive young fucker who knows exactly what to do, getting straight down to business on Thomas's prick as soon as the older man shows it to him. Then, with Thomas lying on his back and his meatstick pointing to the ceiling, Ty gets on top, easing the wet juicy prick into his rear end. He shudders as it fills him to breaking point - but he loves that touching of complete fullness!

Sexy Latino Rent Boy Luis Roughly Sodomized In Doggystyle

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

You can't beat slamming the shit out of a submissive bang toy who loves to be disciplined by a real stud! Balding older dude Thomas Bjorn picks up young Latino rent boy Luis, taking him back to his hotel room for some passionate bareback pounding. Luis looks shy, and he is initially not too happy about Thomas getting out the video camera but a few extra dollars soon fix that problem! Thomas gets a nervous blow job from the skinny twink, and then he gets in behind him, pounding him dominantly in doggystyle. Luis buries his face in the bed, both out of embarrassment at being filmed while he is sodomized and to muffle his screams of pleasure!

Gorgeous Guy Ty Smith Reamed In His Firm Rump By Older Dick

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Perverted, slightly older fucker Thomas Bjorn is back, and this time he has got a truly gorgeous hunk of stud in his bed! Thomas sets up the camera on the bedside table as muscular man Ty Smith sits on the mattress with his legs spread, stroking his enormous tool and balls. Ty is extremely muscular, with a perfectly proportioned frame and flat, wash board abs. Thomas is momentarily wonderstruck by having this handsome god of a stud in his bedroom! However, soon Ty is mouthing on Thomas's prick and then taking it in his rump for such a gorgeous man, he is inexperienced, grunting in a mix of pain and pleasure as Thomas opens up his rear end.

Trevor Plays With Himself While He Grinds On His Dude’s Meat

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

It's amazing the doors that a bit of money can open! Older, balding and slightly overweight stud Thomas Bjorn has got another truly gorgeous hunk of guy in his bedroom. Extremely handsome stud Trevor Michaels poses and masturbates at the beginning of this vid he is charmingly shy, obviously not realizing quite what an exquisite piece of guy meat he is! Thomas joins him on the bed, with Trevor immediately going down on him the two men switch oral favors, including some 69 action, and then Trevor straddles Thomas and eases his prick into his firm anus. Trevor jerks his own impressive wang while he works Thomas to a cream eruption.

Bald Dude Riddick Is A Surprisingly Submissive Cocksucker

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Despite his masculine name and vicious looking shaved head, porn stud Riddick is a submissive cocksucker who loves to get drilled in the butt. Balding man Thomas Bjorn kneels in front of the shaven headed dude, his dong pointing to the ceiling. After some erotic eye contact, Riddick gets down and dirty on the pole, doing his best to deepthroat. Once the dong is well lubricated with his spit, Riddick lies on his back, with Thomas mounting him and easing into his anus hole. There's also some great doggy pounding - it's obvious that Rick has taken it in the backside many times before, because he can cope with even a huge dong like this like a pro!

Handsome Armando Gets Hard Missionary Fuck In Short Time Room

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Chubby, balding older stud Thomas Bjorn is back, and this time he has picked up a gorgeous young buck called Armando, whom he takes back to a sleazy short time room. Thomas is quite dominating in this movie, getting on top of Armando and fucking him in a missionary drilling. Although he rolls Armando over briefly and does him from the back, in this one Thomas prefers to maintain eye contact - both dominating and hard core! Armando also gets on top, bucking his anus back and forth in the cowboy position while he jerks his own tool and then it's back to Thomas banging his man in missionary, crushing his meatstick and balls against his stomach.

Thomas And Mario Mouthing Peckers And Fucking Hard

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Thomas Bjorn and Mario Rodriguez are a combination that seem made for each other, especially when they decide that they're going to go ahead and do away with the condoms. They get a naughty, nasty smile on their faces as they start to work against one another. Their meatsticks are absolutely delicious, and there's nothing quite like taking a look at these two when they're completely and utterly intwined in each other. It's the type of scene that is going to make you require to just wank it all over and match them cumshot for cumshot.

Gorgeous Twink Kal Jennings Flops Up And Down On The Meat

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Young punk Kal Jennings absolutely loves getting it in the booty! He is a shy and retiring young stud - that is, unless he is in the bedroom! Older stud Thomas Bjorn can't believe his luck at getting to ream this gorgeous young man in the bum. Unlike Thomas, Kal has got an amazing head of hair on him and he's a skinny young stud as well. There is some brief blow job action at the beginning, but where this scene really shines is when Thomas bends Kal over and drills him from the rear end. Kal also gets on top, his own dickhead and balls swinging as he grinds his rectum up and down on Thomas's meat Thomas finishes him in doggystyle.

Cocksucking Anal Slave Christopher Begs For Anus Full Of Cum

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

You can't beat a horny bareback girl who just can't wait to pleasure you! That's exactly the fortunate position that dirtyfucker Thomas Bjorn finds himself in his latest pickup, slightly older dude Christopher Atlas, can't wait to get him off with his anus and his mouth! Thomas doesn't have to do a damn thing at first he stands in front of the bed while Christopher gives him a sloppy cock gargling, and then Christopher lies on his front, shyly pleading Thomas to do whatever he requires with his booty. Thomas slides in from behind. Christopher is so tight that Thomas lets go in record time, filling Christopher's butt with his spunk!